‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ has been an adage by which our Indian culture has survived for a millennium, though some times the guests did sort of overstay the welcome!! So hospitality is not something we cultivated or learnt, it is the way we’ve always been.

Today in what has been famously described as a ‘Flat World’ people are travelling like never before.  Be it the 65 yrs old grandmother from Wisconsin on a biking trip across the Himalayas or the 25 yr on his trip to attend a conference in Bangalore, everybody seems to be on the move.

People travel on work, on business trips, on holidays, to get married, as delegates to international conferences, NRI`s coming back home…..

This of course has created an enormous growth opportunity for us in the Hospitality Industry.

The hospitality industry includes a gamut of services like the hotel industry, car rental agency, airlines, restaurants, travel agents, luxury cruises etc.

Hospitality Industry more than any other that we know, depends almost hundred percent on its people and their ability to service each guest and make a difference to his experience and perception. Everyone from the hotel doorman to the General Manager contribute in making it a ‘happy experience’ for the guest. It’s a Peoples industry where everyone, absolutely everyone makes a tangible difference.

That we have some of the most talented, hardworking and ingenious people is something which is showcased by the tremendous success achieved by Indians worldwide.

Globally India is among the few countries which can lay claim to having its professionals working across the globe, in the Hospitality Industry they have been helping deliver the incredible ‘India Experience’ from New York to Tokyo.

At Dessence Hospitality, we believe that in the New Now”, it is this Vital Talent Force that will Drive and Define New Paradigms of this ”Great Indian Hospitality Story”

We dedicate this Digital Space for all of us who think, create and deliver hospitality experiences across various businesses. It is for all those who live and breathe passion, who feel proud of being part of this great hospitality community, the world over.

This space is YOU! This platform is a place where you can emote, express, debate, interact, talk, share, advice, mentor and guide……

This is finally a place where people want to hear from you….about you! We invite everyone involved within the hospitality industry be it Resorts, Business Hotels, Service Apartments, Clubs, Cruises, Catering Services, Facility Management Services and QSR’s, Luxury Boutiques, Lounges, Bars, Specialty Restaurants to join us in this endeavor of creating a place just for us!

Can we see it from your Lens? Can we build this into your “very own” community and club – In whichever way you like it and whether it is Accolades, Potential, experience or Aspiration, we invite all to share it here, and celebrate with us!


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